I have received numerous requests from many of you who have questions about what you should do concerning your diagnosis of macular degeneration. Some of you are afraid and I understand that. I was too. But as much as I wish I could, I cannot give medical advice. I’m not a doctor. I’m just a guy who was diagnosed with macular degeneration in one eye. Three months later I was told that I was already blind in that eye and had to accept that I would never see again with it. I was also told that it was starting in the other eye. BLIND FAITH is my story about my refusal to accept that diagnosis and about my hope to help others. I am not special. I just refused to be a victim. I was determined to prove my Ophthalmologist wrong and I took that as a challenge.

I’m not saying that everyone can do what I did because everyone is different. But I am saying that many could try. It took me a year and a half of research, many hours each day, to educate myself. This is not easy. Every month I was getting injections of either Avastin or Lucentis that didn’t seem to help but that was all my Ophthalmologist could offer me. He was doing everything he could. I needed to do the same.

A review of my history to date

Examination leading to the BLIND FAITH Protocol

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is one of the few devices that reveals in-depth images of the eye’s internal structures

During a scheduled examination by my Ophthalmologist in November 2011, I was diagnosed out of the blue with wet Macular Degeneration in my right eye. Since then I’ve taken Avastin or Lucentis injections every month until August 2012, a month before I began my protocol.

I happen to be very healthy and have no medical conditions that require me to take medications. Over several years I had undergone complete medical tests, which I list in my book. After the diagnosis of macular degeneration I immediately sought the advice of a Naturopathic Doctor. Then, between November 2011 and August 2012, I researched and developed the BLIND FAITH Protocol.

In August 2012 I discussed my protocol with my Ophthalmologist and, at my request, he stopped the Avastin injections and I started my protocol during which time he continued monthly OCT scans. After I had recovered my sight from worse than 20/400 to almost 20/50 he was so surprised that he said, to paraphrase; “Continue with what you’re doing. You might change a lot of our minds.”

At his advice I am again taking Avastin injections to attempt to clear up some remaining edema and hopefully reverse some of the prior damage from a botched cataract operation a few years previous.

The only advice I can give

The BLIND FAITH Protocol was designed to support the care of my Ophthalmologist, not replace it. If I didn’t trust him I would have sought another Ophthalmologist. One more thing I want to say is that once I had decided to educate myself with the objective of saving my sight, I was no longer afraid. I think that was because I was doing something about it. Even though I had no guarantee that it would work I wasn’t feeling powerless. I was fighting back. If there is one piece of advice I could give it would be to never give up and to make the decision to aggressively fight to get healthy. This isn’t easy in today’s world with the food we eat but it’s possible. I go into this in detail in the upcoming second edition of BLIND FAITH.