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“The continuing story of how one man reversed macular degeneration naturally.”

Reverse Macular Degeneration

The only book of it’s kind that proves you can reverse macular degeneration naturally

Vancouver, BC / TheNewswire / August 21, 2015 – This Second Edition of BLIND FAITH is newly formatted with five new chapters. It includes 195 links to the science and additional information for those wanting to do their own research. It’s all in the science but you need to connect the dots for it to work. The author connects those dots for you.

“John Crittenden is one of those rare clients who goes way above and beyond the support and encouragement he receives and clearly doesn’t take no for an answer. His intuitive nature and persistence, along with a passion to learn and the ability to listen, have allowed him to defy all odds outlined by conventional medicine. BLIND FAITH is a true story of encouragement, empowerment and hope. I encourage everyone with a chronic disease, or anyone that cares for someone suffering from a chronic disease, to understand that John’s case outlines something greater than macular degeneration; this approach can be applied to any chronic disease state.” Dr. Brian Davies, BSc, ND

After being told that he was permanently blind in his right eye from macular degeneration the author, after 21 months of Avastin injections had little effect, took control of his health and developed his own naturopathic protocol. After eleven weeks he improved his vision from worse than 20/400 blindness to 20/80 vision in his right eye. He has proven that you can reverse macular degeneration naturally by supporting the body’s amazing ability to heal.

Continuing Improvement

With continuing improvement he is now seeing 20/60 with his right eye and 20/20 with his left. Following are the test results.

Avastin – 9.7 letters gained (in 52 weeks)
Lucentis – 11.2 letters gained (in 52 weeks)
Eylea – 13.3 letters gained (in 52 weeks)
Crittenden Protocol – 35 letters gained (in 11 weeks)
Crittenden Protocol – 40+ letters gained (as of today)

His Ophthalmologist (who is a professor and current head of the Retina Division at the University of British Columbia) says he has never seen this kind of regeneration before and said “keep doing what you’re doing, you may change a lot of our minds.

What You Will Learn From This Book

How the author reversed macular degeneration with his own naturopathic protocol in eleven weeks with continual monitoring by his Ophthalmologist.

  1. How the author connected the dots between several fields of science to develop his food-based protocol.
  2. Full details of his protocol and how it might be able to be personalized for others by a Naturopathic Doctor.
  3. How our bodies are creating new cells all the time, why this does not cure disease for many people, and what we can do to change that.
  4. Much, much more…

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