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The Planned Scourge of Synthetic Fertilizers & Chemicals

The use of petroleum-based synthetic fertilizers & chemicals by large intensive factory farms is governed solely by greed in my opinion. Public health takes a back seat. This is difficult for me to accept as being anything but orchestrated. Anyone who disagrees with me please provide proof and I will publish it in a future post.

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Vegetables Support Complete Protein Individually

The Premier book for macular degeneration suffers about diet from vitamins to minerals to protein.

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BLIND FAITH Printed Book About Vision Loss

The print edition of BLIND FAITH about vision loss is available. It’s a story of what one man did to reverse AMD after all other VEGF treatments had failed.

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Whole Body Health vs disease-specific Pharmaceutical Drugs

The Damning State of Western Medical Care Comparing VEGF inhibitor injections with the Crittenden Protocol for reversing macular degeneration illustrates the sad state of medical care in western medicine. The results are damning from any perspective. This post takes a critical look at the published 52 week test results of three VEGF inhibitor drugs that are injected […]

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BLIND FAITH Second Edition: Reverse Macular Degeneration

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: AUGUST 21, 2015 FREE DOWNLOAD PROMOTION August 21, 22 & 23, 2015 “The continuing story of how one man reversed macular degeneration naturally.” Vancouver, BC / TheNewswire / August 21, 2015 – This Second Edition of BLIND FAITH is newly formatted with five new chapters. It includes 195 links to […]

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