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Diet Planning is Useless if We Don’t Know Nutrient Totals

Planning a diet has always baffled me. How can anyone intelligently design a diet if they don’t know the total nutrients of all the foods? The amounts of nutrients are available for each food from several sources but if we are including, say, ten different foods in a diet what are the totals of minerals and vitamins of all ten foods? Problem solved but it’s a bit of work to do.

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Many iPhone Vision Test Apps But Are They Any Good?

I recently did a search for vision test apps on the Mac App Store. After all, “there’s an app for everything”, right? If you can believe it I counted 144. I decided to hit google and read up on them because this was all new to me. I hadn’t even thought of a vision test app […]

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Juicing vs Blending vs Normal Meals. Which is Best?

There are three ways we get minerals, vitamins and antioxidants from food. These include juicing, blending and eating. There are advantages and dangers to each. For instance is there a danger of overdosing vitamins and minerals from juicing?

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More Calcium & Macular Degeneration Research & Coverups

There is much research about calcium & macular degeneration but medical doctors continue to say that more study is needed, and people continue to go blind.

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Think Different & Gain Power Over Our Lives and Health

Early in my life I began an apprenticeship as a pre-press specialist in the printing industry. It was interesting work and I was planning to get married. I thought it was a good steady profession that could support my family. To make a long story short it lasted about 6 years and I learned a good trade […]

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