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More Calcium & Macular Degeneration Research & Coverups

There is much research about calcium & macular degeneration but medical doctors continue to say that more study is needed, and people continue to go blind.

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Think Different & Gain Power Over Our Lives and Health

Early in my life I began an apprenticeship as a pre-press specialist in the printing industry. It was interesting work and I was planning to get married. I thought it was a good steady profession that could support my family. To make a long story short it lasted about 6 years and I learned a good trade […]

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Soil Mineral Depletion – Can a healthy diet be sufficient?

Minerals are as essential to health as our need for oxygen. Due to soil mineral depletion our food is dangerously deficient in them. What can we do?

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Warning of a Link Between Poor Nutrition and Eye Disease

In a recent article about a link between poor nutrition and vision disease the writer fails completely to address how the body heals itself and what we need to do to support that critical process. While I do agree with much of what they say they don’t go far enough in my opinion. I believe that this is the basic problem in the area of health care today. There seems little interest in the overall health of the body and too much concentration on individual diseases.

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BLIND FAITH Free Download on Amazon March 26, 27 & 28

BLIND FAITH shows how I was able to reverse macular degeneration & shows how others may too with the help of a Naturopathic Doctor with a BSc degree. CA • US • IN • UK • DE • FR • ES • IT • NL • JP • BR • MX • AU Don’t miss this opportunity to understand that macular degeneration is not a sentence to blindness despite what your Ophthalmologist may tell you. What You Will Learn From BLIND FAITH How […]

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