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Medical Cartel Interview: Another Article, More Lies

I just read an article titled “How far away is a cure for blindness?” I must make comment. While I do not judge the objectives of the writer or the doctors interviewed I do definitely disagree with their comments and forecasts. Obviously they have not read BLIND FAITH. Or maybe they have and want to bury […]

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Cellular Oxygen & Body pH

I’ve had several conversations recently with people who are using my protocol and find that most of them did not understand two important areas, cellular oxygen and body pH. These are critical so I decided to write this short post and quickly lay it out. Cellular oxygen deficiency and low body pH contributed to my getting macular […]

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BLIND FAITH Update: Reversing Macular Degeneration

BLIND FAITH is one of those rare books that comes along every once in a while and breaks new ground. It explains exactly how, after being told I was blind and would never see again with one eye and the disease had started in the other, I reversed my sight from worse than 20/400 blindness to about 20/50 […]

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The Medical Industry vs. the Doctors vs. the People

After my vision had deteoriated in one eye to worse than 20/400 my Ophthalmologist told me that there was nothing he could do and I had to accept the fact that I would never see again with that eye. For almost two years I received monthly Avastin injections which did not help. During this time I spent countless hours […]

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Caring For Personal Health Is Imperative

To quote a foundation that professes to fight blindness; “Millions of people in North America live with varying degrees of irreversible vision loss because they have an untreatable, degenerative eye disorder, which affects the retina. In these conditions, the delicate layer of tissue that lines the inside back of the eye is damaged affecting its […]

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