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Canadian Heritage is Disappearing: No-one Seems to Care

A critical look at our fast disappearing heritage. There seems little we can do to stop it. We must record as much as we can while we can any way we can.

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Early Settlers of Canada: Where They Came From

In the very early days of Canada the fur trade was responsible for most early arrivals. The Hudson’s Bay Company was in the business of buying furs. In the beginning their real competitors were independent traders and the competition was cutthroat. In 1787 the North West company was formed and they became the Hudson Bay […]

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Night Flowers, always a challenge for the photographer

Flowers in the Night are a demanding subject for a photographer. Doing a walkabout around Vancouver in the night looking for flowers is always rewarding. I’ve heard some say that flowers don’t bloom at night. I’ve come to realize that they do. Nature keeps to her own timetable and flowers in particular seem to decide on […]

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A Photographer’s Walk Around Vancouver at Night

It has been said that the beauty of old Europe knows no equal. This collection on Vancouver at Night proves that to be incorrect. Even before the camera Vincent knew: “It often seems to me that the night is much more alive and richly coloured than the day.” Fine art photography stands in contrast to photojournalism […]

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Western Canada beckoned early settlers in search of a home

Aboriginal peoples have lived in Canada for 10,000 to 11,000 years or longer. Scientists have hypothesized that they arrived on this continent from Asia, travelling over the Bering Strait but that is highly questionable given recent discoveries across all of North America. In any event the early 1900s brought huge changes to Canada and saw […]

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