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Factory Farmed Food Causes Macular Degeneration

In the last hundred years or so intensive factory farming methods have destroyed most of the land used for agriculture in much of the western world. The truth is that today it is impossible to get even minimal RDA amounts of the primary minerals and vitamins from factory farmed food. And then there are many secondary nutrients needed for optimal health that are no longer even available. they have simply been eliminated.

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The Planned Scourge of Synthetic Fertilizers & Chemicals

The use of petroleum-based synthetic fertilizers & chemicals by large intensive factory farms is governed solely by greed in my opinion. Public health takes a back seat. This is difficult for me to accept as being anything but orchestrated. Anyone who disagrees with me please provide proof and I will publish it in a future post.

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More Calcium & Macular Degeneration Research & Coverups

There is much research about calcium & macular degeneration but medical doctors continue to say that more study is needed, and people continue to go blind.

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Soil Mineral Depletion – Can a healthy diet be sufficient?

Minerals are as essential to health as our need for oxygen. Due to soil mineral depletion our food is dangerously deficient in them. What can we do?

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Mineral Deficiency is the Basic Cause of all Disease!

Factory farming and honey bee deaths After being told that I was permanently blind in one eye and would never see again with that eye I developed my own protocol and improved my vision from 20/400 to 20/50. But the story doesn’t end there. Since beginning my protocol I’ve noticed changes to my health in other areas. Age spots were […]

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