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The Real Secret of Factory Farmed Food

Food produced by factory farms is strictly responsible for the current state of health in most western countries. Indeed, it’s impossible for many people to find any other kind of food to buy. Some good things can be said for organic food but that is not the subject of this post and organic food in my opinion is not that much safer anyway. Factory Farmed Food is a killer.

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BLIND FAITH 4th Edition, New Information

The latest version of BLIND FAITH is now available. This edition contains very important information and the latest scan and test results. BLIND FAITH is one of those rare books that comes along every once in a while and breaks new ground. It includes new information about how to reverse dry & wet macular degeneration.

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New Research Shows Hormones Fight Macular Degeneration

In my research into macular degeneration I learned that not only was our food deficient in minerals and vitamins, my body was also deficient in things that it produced itself, for instance hormones and antioxidants. I began to research hormones and quickly discovered two hormones that have been shown to be of vital importance in the fight against macular degeneration. The first one is Vitamin D3, a helper hormone and it is extremely important. But it was the second hormone that actually blew me away. You will find new information on both in the next edition of BLIND FAITH.

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Vegetables Support Complete Protein Individually

The Premier book for macular degeneration suffers about diet from vitamins to minerals to protein.

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Whole Body Health vs disease-specific Pharmaceutical Drugs

The Damning State of Western Medical Care Comparing VEGF inhibitor injections with the Crittenden Protocol for reversing macular degeneration illustrates the sad state of medical care in western medicine. The results are damning from any perspective. This post takes a critical look at the published 52 week test results of three VEGF inhibitor drugs that are injected […]

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