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BLIND FAITH Second Edition: Reverse Macular Degeneration

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: AUGUST 21, 2015 FREE DOWNLOAD PROMOTION August 21, 22 & 23, 2015 “The continuing story of how one man reversed macular degeneration naturally.” Vancouver, BC / TheNewswire / August 21, 2015 – This Second Edition of BLIND FAITH is newly formatted with five new chapters. It includes 195 links to […]

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Research Substantiates Blind Faith Protocol

I was recently sent a link to an article about a three-month trial using Saffron to treat macular degeneration. I quote a Professor from the Catholic University in Rome who is an Ophthalmologist and one of the leaders of this research: “We should consider that it was only three months of supplementation and after three months of supplementation there was […]

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Many iPhone Vision Test Apps But Are They Any Good?

I recently did a search for vision test apps on the Mac App Store. After all, “there’s an app for everything”, right? If you can believe it I counted 144. I decided to hit google and read up on them because this was all new to me. I hadn’t even thought of a vision test app […]

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More Calcium & Macular Degeneration Research & Coverups

There is much research about calcium & macular degeneration but medical doctors continue to say that more study is needed, and people continue to go blind.

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BLIND FAITH Free Download on Amazon March 26, 27 & 28

BLIND FAITH shows how I was able to reverse macular degeneration & shows how others may too with the help of a Naturopathic Doctor with a BSc degree. CA • US • IN • UK • DE • FR • ES • IT • NL • JP • BR • MX • AU Don’t miss this opportunity to understand that macular degeneration is not a sentence to blindness despite what your Ophthalmologist may tell you. What You Will Learn From BLIND FAITH How […]

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