John’s Story

After 50 years as a professional working artist, with no other source of income, after producing and selling more than 1,200 original paintings and countless limited edition prints, John was diagnosed out of the blue, with wet macular degeneration in his right eye, a complete shock to both John and his Ophthalmologist. Within three months he was completely blind in his right eye and the disease had started in his left eye. This is his story of how, after two years of monthly injections of Avastin with no appreciable improvement, he developed his own protocol and reversed the macular degeneration within eleven weeks and regained his sight.

Devastating Diagnosis

brushes and paing hard to see with macular degeneration
Brushes and pain

On the surface John’s story is about macular degeneration and how he dealt with and reversed it, which is not supposed to be possible. It is also about his desire to understand the process and help others to do the same.

“When my Opthamologist told me that I was completely blind and would never see out of the right eye again, and that the disease was starting in the other eye, I knew I would no longer be able to paint or even drive a vehicle. I could not accept that.”

John is not a doctor. He can only speak from his own experience. “I knew that our bodies ‘wanted’ to be healthy. I also knew that I had reversed prostate cancer many years earlier by changing my diet. I knew that without minerals the body cannot use most vitamins. I knew all that. So I started researching minerals in the available science. I was stunned. Here is not the place to go into details but I highly recommend a book that everyone should read which explains this critical problem. The Root of All Disease by E. G. Heinrich.”

How He Designed His Protocol

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To reverse macular degeneration John designed a Protocol that addressed what he determined to be his mineral, vitamin, amino acid and antioxidant deficiencies but which also supported the care and treatment of his Ophthalmologist. To accomplish this he consulted the findings and experiences of leading researchers and medical specialists around the world. These included medical doctors, a Professor, two Opthamologists, and investigative journalist and a North Vancouver Doctor of Naturopathy who all understood the importance of minerals and whole body health. These are listed in his Report with links for anyone wanting to do their own research which John highly recommends.

The Science Behind His Protocol

Here are two medical doctors and one journalist/author, three of many that John found in the existing science.

“It’s not a matter of treating just the eye for Macular Degeneration, it’s a matter of treating the whole person and restoring health to the whole person, because until you do your eyes are not going to get well.” – Dr. Gary Price Todd, Ophthalmologist, M.D.

“Every known illness is associated with a magnesium deficiency.” – Dr. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., Neurosurgeon

“A lack of minerals can place stressful situations upon our resistance to disease. Supplementation, therefore, not only seems advisable, it is advisable!” – “The Root of All Disease” by E. G. Heinrich