BLIND FAITH shows how I was able to reverse macular degeneration & shows how others may too with the help of a Naturopathic Doctor with a BSc degree.

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BLIND FAITH Free, blind lady

Don’t miss this opportunity to understand that macular degeneration is not a sentence to blindness despite what your Ophthalmologist may tell you.

What You Will Learn From BLIND FAITH

  1. How I was able to reverse macular degeneration in eleven weeks with full support of my Ophthalmologist.
  2. How I connected the dots between several fields of science to develop my food based Protocol.
  3. Full details of my Protocol.
  4. Quotes from the science and links for those who want to do their own research.
  5. Unexpected improvements to health from my Protocol indicating body-wide healing of many diseases.
  6. How to protect our cells from highly processed, toxic vegetable oils and fish oils.
  7. How our bodies are creating new cells all the time, why this does not cure disease for most people, and what we can do to change that.
  8. Much, much more…

From the Forward to BLIND FAITH

“John Crittenden is one of those rare clients who goes way above and beyond the support and encouragement he receives and clearly doesn’t take no for an answer. His intuitive nature and persistence, along with a passion to learn and the ability to listen, have allowed him to defy all odds outlined by conventional medicine. “BLIND FAITH” is a true story of encouragement, empowerment and hope. I encourage everyone with a chronic disease, or anyone that cares for someone suffering from a chronic disease, to understand that John’s case outlines something greater than macular degeneration; this approach can be applied to any chronic disease state.”
Dr Brian Davies BSc ND