A new book about reversing macular degeneration, BLIND FAITH addresses an epidemic of sickness & concentrates on a single disease, macular degeneration. To quote Canadian Ophthalmological Society, “Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is one of the most common causes of poor vision after age 60. AMD is a deterioration or breakdown of the macula. The macula is a small area at the center of the retina in the back of the eye that allows us to see fine details clearly and perform activities such as reading and driving.” According to Wikipedia, as of 2012 there were 285 million visually impaired people in the world, of which 246 million had low vision and 39 million were blind.

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First book of it’s kind

BLIND FAITH quotes recognized experts, medical doctors, surgeons and researchers directly instead of re-writing what they say, which I could never properly do anyway. During this process I insert my thoughts and what my own experience tells me. The objective is to present the true stories of factory farming, the for-profit medical industry and personal health. This book connects the dots between leading edge researchers in several fields to present the ultimate solution to the problem of macular degeneration and disease in general. It is a picture of one disease that reflects the true state of health and medicine in the world today.

Taken as a whole the results are critical and barely understood not only among the general public but among medical doctors and researchers themselves. Each researcher understands their field of expertise and this is good. The scientific process is time-consuming and expensive. Perhaps because of this, they often fail to consider related fields and so simply don’t comprehend the big picture, treating instead each field in isolation.

Reversing Macular Degeneration is now possible

BLIND FAITH breaks new ground and offers original, cutting edge information that readers can discuss with their doctors and use in making their own decisions about what they can do to heal themselves. At the time of publication BLIND FAITH has no competition. There is simply nothing like it on Amazon or anywhere else in our opinion.

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Checking the Amsler Grid may be a thing of the past for many people

This book explains how I ‘connected the dots’ between each field of science to develop my Protocol. It explains how each field of science supports the others. It’s a “team game.” This is critical information that the mainstream medical industry and media have chosen to keep secret. In my opinion the reason is simple. They make their money from treating each disease in isolation. They are not interested in body-wide health, certainly not in ‘curing’ disease.

BLIND FAITH, a different way to look at disease

I am not a researcher or a professional writer. I do not have any medical training. I am an artist who looks at the world and everything in my life in a different way from most. I’ve met a number of doctors over the years and become friends with many. I could name several who are today working in high-level positions who I met at my shows in Calgary or Edmonton during my early years 40 to 50 years ago, when I was having two major one-person shows a year. These are good people. They are not the problem. The problem, as I mention above, is a for-profit medical industry that they work for and are licensed by. BLIND FAITH takes that issue on with solid science and a Protocol that worked for me and, with some modifications by a Naturopathic Doctor, should work for many others. That is my hope.

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