To quote a foundation that professes to fight blindness; “Millions of people in North America live with varying degrees of irreversible vision loss because they have an untreatable, degenerative eye disorder, which affects the retina. In these conditions, the delicate layer of tissue that lines the inside back of the eye is damaged affecting its ability to send light signals to the brain…” Notice the words “irreversible”, “untreatable”, “degenerative”. This is predictive programming. Gotta convince the “ordinary people” that once they are diagnosed with one of these disease it’s hopeless and they need expensive drugs and medications. It goes on to say; “Age-related macular degeneration is the most common condition… age being the major risk factor for the disease.”

Research. Personal health

Taking care of our own peronal health

There again is the use of predictive programming to convince you that if you are “old” you are powerless and these degenerative disease are “normal” as you age.

These are total lies by a corrupt industry. After all, the medical “industry” (distinct from the “medical profession”) can’t make any money out of healthy and aware people. So the objective is to keep us sick and ignorant and they’re very good at it. But what can we do? The answer is simple…

Maintain Personal Health

I have discovered countless quotes by these “foundations” who say they want to heal this or that disease. I won’t name them because there are too many but for anyone interested just google it. It’s all online. The Cancer Society is a prime example of course and people continue to give their hard-earned money every time there is a fund raising drive. Yet they never seem to find a cure. Funny that.

BLIND FAITHThere is no need for new research into many diseases. For instance the cures for macular degeneration, cancer and many other diseases were discovered years ago and some researchers even won Nobel prizes for their research. It’s all on the record and in the science for anyone who wants to take the time to find it. Maintaining personal health is now the most important thing we can do in a world where disease is rampant and the medical industry doesn’t seem to care. I did my research over the period of almost one full year of evenings and weekends and in so doing discovered the answers to this one burning question:

Why was I told that I was totally blind and would never see again when the science said that I could be cured?

The answer of course was that it created a “money machine.” And the doctors were oviously never told about the cures in their training.

All of this and much more is in my newly released Kindle book BLIND FAITH. My book quotes many researchers and provides ample links so that you can also do your own research and take care of their own health.

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