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Factory Farms Produce Fake Food

Nutritionally deficient factory farmed food is loaded with poison chemicals & pesticides. The information in this post concerns, fake food, greed, a possible hidden agenda and the findings published by the Proceedings Of The Royal Society B, dated July 27, 2016, under the title Neonicotinoid insecticides can serve as inadvertent insect contraceptives. This concerns pesticides widely used in factory farming, two neonicotinoids (4.5 ppb thiamethoxam and 1.5 ppb clothianidin) and the science that found that they reduced bee sperm counts. Bee deaths are a major problem and of extreme importance to the very survival of life on earth.

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The Real Secret of Factory Farmed Food

Food produced by factory farms is strictly responsible for the current state of health in most western countries. Indeed, it’s impossible for many people to find any other kind of food to buy. Some good things can be said for organic food but that is not the subject of this post and organic food in my opinion is not that much safer anyway. Factory Farmed Food is a killer.

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FAKE FOOD: The Crisis Of Factory Farmed Food

The factory farmed food industry in my opinion is a disgrace and anyone who thinks that they can attain a decent level of health from eating their fake food, sold by most of our grocery stores, is in for a surprise. This food is deficient in minerals, the fundamental source of life. To quote the experts I researched for FAKE FOOD: “The body gets well by creating new cells that work but it needs the proper nutrients to do so… According to the USDA, today’s factory farmed food lacks many of these nutrients… We are what we eat. And that is why most of us are sick.”

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Factory Farmed Food Causes Macular Degeneration

In the last hundred years or so intensive factory farming methods have destroyed most of the land used for agriculture in much of the western world. The truth is that today it is impossible to get even minimal RDA amounts of the primary minerals and vitamins from factory farmed food. And then there are many secondary nutrients needed for optimal health that are no longer even available. they have simply been eliminated.

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