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Mineral Deficiency is the Basic Cause of all Disease!

Factory farming and honey bee deaths After being told that I was permanently blind in one eye and would never see again with that eye I developed my own protocol and improved my vision from 20/400 to 20/50. But the story doesn’t end there. Since beginning my protocol I’ve noticed changes to my health in other areas. Age spots were […]

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BLIND FAITH! A look at the Science of Macular Degeneration

A new book about reversing macular degeneration, BLIND FAITH addresses an epidemic of sickness & concentrates on a single disease, macular degeneration. To quote Canadian Ophthalmological Society, “Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is one of the most common causes of poor vision after age 60. AMD is a deterioration or breakdown of the macula. The macula […]

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