I’ve had several conversations recently with people who are using my protocol and find that most of them did not understand two important areas, cellular oxygen and body pH. These are critical so I decided to write this short post and quickly lay it out.

Cellular oxygen deficiency and low body pH contributed to my getting macular degeneration. I was able to easily correct both thru diet. Professor Brian Peskin’s research on cellular oxygenation and Dr Sircus’ understanding of body pH proved to be two gold mines of information.

Cellular Oxygen

Types-of-transport-across-membranesTo paraphrase Professor Peskin, all polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) excluding ALA and LA are correctly termed essential fatty acid (EFA) “derivatives”. They are not EFAs. This includes the most common derivatives such as AA, DHA, EPA, etc. EFA derivatives are made in the body, from the parent essential fatty acids, on an “as needed” basis in limited quantities. Consumption of derivatives directly from food is therefore not necessary. Yet fish oil consists entirely of DHA and EPA in excessive pharmacological doses, thereby overdosing the patient and often causing significant damage. “Most restaurants, supermarket foods, baked goods, frozen foods use adulterated, non-functional EFAs that can no longer be termed a fully functional parent essential oil.”

To quote Professor Peskin in A New View of LDL: “Over the past several decades, processed foods – in particular, frozen foods and restaurant cooking oils – have increasingly incorporated trans fats and other unhealthy fats and oils. This has resulted in the availability of much lower amounts of functional parent omega-6 (LA) for incorporation into cell membranes and, as we have seen, subsequent conversion into arachidonic acid (which is a source of many crucial prostanoids and leukotrienes used in inflammatory, immune, and signalling functions)… If there is a deficiency of unadulterated PEOs in the diet, the body will substitute a non-essential fatty acid, such as oleic acid found in olive oil, in cell membranes, causing physiologic malfunction.”

I take what Professor Peskin calls Parent Essential Oils (PEOs) every day. These include 4 grams Evening Primrose oil for omega 6  and one gram Flax oil for omega 3. I’ve experienced that this amount of Evening Primrose Oil overpowers the oxygen-resistant oils (processed seed and vegetable oils) from our food that are in our cells. Flax Oil helps the body create healthy cell exteriors. I can easily tell when I’m low on Evening Primrose oil because I quickly get muscle fatigue and burn when exercising.

Body pH

I discovered Dr. Sircus several years ago before I had macular degeneration and have read many of his articles and writings. I subscribe to his newsletter and am always learning something new when I look him up.

In The Healing Power of Baking Soda, Dr. Sircus says: “[Sodium bicarbonate] is not a substitute for dietary corrections that leads one eventually into a healthy alkaline existence but it can be used quite effectively to change the terrain of tissues and cells quickly… Baking soda is an essential medicine and is probably one of the most useful substances in the world… Bicarbonate is present in all body fluids and organs and plays a major role in the acid-base balances in the human body. Bicarbonate deficiencies spell big trouble for human physiology when the vascular system begins to deteriorate as less oxygen is delivered to the cells… Bicarbonate is the wonderful medicine it is because it turns into carbon dioxide in the stomach, which drives bicarbonates into the blood. No wonder the pharmaceutical companies do not want doctors or anyone else to know much about it!”

To quote Dr Sircus “Sodium bicarbonate is an emergency room intensive care medicine that can be used in cancer treatment as well as in fighting the symptoms of the flu.” The benefits are so major that it’s difficult to understand why the medical profession keeps it from people. Obviously they do. It was never recommended to me by any of my doctors.