Planning a diet the BLIND FAITH way.

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Planning a diet has always baffled me. How can anyone intelligently design a diet if they don’t know the total nutrients of all the foods? The amounts of nutrients are available for each food from several sources but if we are including, say, ten different foods in a diet what are the totals of minerals and vitamins of all ten foods? Most foods contain SOME of most nutrients. If we don’t know the totals then planning is totally useless. Consequently most people I know usually take multi-minerals/vitamins and run the risk of either getting too little of each nutrient (mostly the case) or getting too much and overdosing. The science says that overdosing is a danger with supplements for reasons I won’t go into here and those dangers are often mentioned right on the bottle.

Given the above, I realized that I simply could not design a diet and know what I was eating. I needed a better way. I searched the Internet but could not find anything even remotely related to what I needed. I finally created a simple spreadsheet in Excel and began manually entering foods and their nutrients (Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts & Seeds, Legumes & Proteins) so that I could add them up. Now I can intelligently develop a diet and easily modify it for seasonal foods. I can replace some foods with different foods and know what I am getting. This is time-consuming and many people won’t do this, preferring instead to “ask their doctor” who happens to know almost nothing about diet. This is because they are not trained in full body health.

John Crittenden FoodSelector

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My Spreadsheet & Diet

I’m making this spreadsheet available to show the value of this approach. This is based on Dietitians of Canada and the USDA micronutrients records. It can be printed and hung on the wall.

Note: This spreadsheet is subject to change because of ongoing live testing of various combinations and also seasonal foods. I will keep this up to date and show the current date in the caption. If I’ve missed anything or made an error please let me know. This is a work in progress.

Do I Juice it, Blend it, Make Soup or Eat it?

I eat these foods in a meal, as munchies, juiced or blended. The thing is by the end of the day I have eaten at least all of these foods and perhaps more.  To Quote Dr Tennant: “The body doesn’t get well by making damaged cells work correctly. It gets well by making new cells that work correctly. The body grows new retinal elements every two days, new skin in six weeks, a new liver in eight weeks, new nerve cells in a period of months. As each new cell is built, the body seeks proper building materials. If the body cannot find good, healthy materials, it will use whatever is available and the result will be new cells with the same problems as the old cells. This is called chronic disease.”

The objective of this diet is to support my body’s ability to repair itself.

Diet Planning & Overdosing

My research indicates that, in normal circumstances for most healthy people, it is not possible to overdose on vitamins or minerals from foods, although it’s recommended that we discuss this with our Doctor to determine medical conditions or prescriptions that might affect this. I go into this and provide links in my book BLIND FAITH.

Diet Planning & RDA

There is one additional advantage to planning a diet this way. I obviously get all the nutrition I need, in fact a lot more of certain nutrients, but the body deals with that. Like how it deals with over-dosing, it makes the important decisions about how much of each nutrient it needs. If we give it more than it needs, which juicing often does and this diet also does, then it will simply take what it needs and pass on the rest.

To sum up, no issues with overdosing and no issues with meeting daily requirements. The body does not need the advice of anyone who thinks they know more that it does.

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