BLIND FAITH Cover 320x512x72ppi

BLIND FAITH: The Kindle Book

The report ‘Reversing Macular Degeneration’ has been taken down. It has been downloaded many thousands of times and has served its purpose. It’s being replaced by this book which has more information in it, is better presented and hopefully easier to understand. I hope it helps you in your fight for vision.

There is no other book available to our knowledge that offers this kind of information. BLIND FAITH is a must have book for anyone who has, or knows a loved one who suffers from, macular degeneration.

BLIND FAITH is available on Amazon. Permalink:

Special request: Amazon has made changes in their formatting requirements. It appears some of these are not yet available outside the U.S. Please let me know if you see any formatting issues. Be critical and use the contact form in the menu bar. Thanks.

John Crittenden