The factory farmed food industry in my opinion is a disgrace and anyone who thinks that they can attain a decent level of health from eating their fake food, sold by most of our grocery stores, is in for a surprise. This food is deficient in minerals, the fundamental source of life. To quote the experts I researched for FAKE FOOD: “The body gets well by creating new cells that work but it needs the proper nutrients to do so… According to the USDA, today’s factory farmed food lacks many of these nutrients… We are what we eat. And that is why most of us are sick.”

FAKE FOOD The Crisis of Our Food

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The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) says: “The nation’s [America’s] chemical and energy-intensive food and farming system, Food Inc., is out-of-control, posing a mortal threat to public health, the environment, and climate stability.” This quote is spot on and a good intro to the problems I faced in my struggle to be healthy. If I had continued to listen to “health experts” or my medical doctors I would not have attained the level of health I now enjoy. In fact I would probably be completely blind today. That story is the subject of my first book BLIND FAITH.

Factory Farmed Food Is Not A New Problem

Quoting from the forward to United States Senate Document Number 264 by Dr Charles Northen: to paraphrase – “[This document] was presented to Congress by U. S. Senator, Mr. Duncan Fletcher on June 1st, 1936. He asked that it be placed into the permanent Congressional Record.” I urge everyone to read this important document and then read it again. It provides some of the early data on nutrition and organic food. Remember however that this was long before GMOs made their appearance. GMOs were granted a patent in 1980. Consequently I do not agree completely with the words of Dr Northen as concerns genetic crops. Also, as I write this there is no labelling requirement for genetic foods in the US or Canada and food that may contain some genetically modified organisms can still be called organic. Having said that, this important document 264 is a must read.

FAKE FOOD Brings Senate Document 264 Up To Date

FAKE FOOD is about mineral and vitamin deficiency in our food. It looks critically at what makes soil healthy or unhealthy and the damage intense farming methods do to the soil. The result is nutrient deficient factory farmed food that creates sick people who eat it. FAKE FOOD looks at the history of factory farms; how they destroy the soil; fake fertilizers that are added into the soil to help crops grow; the fact that we cannot process those fake fertilizers; the true nutrient value of the food I ate for so many years and finally what I did to compensate and regain my health and vision. This book is in the final stages of research and should be available worldwide on Amazon as soon as I complete it. It’s release will be announced here.