I just read an article titled “How far away is a cure for blindness?” I must make comment. While I do not judge the objectives of the writer or the doctors interviewed I do definitely disagree with their comments and forecasts. Obviously they have not read BLIND FAITH. Or maybe they have and want to bury it.

When we read anything written or spoken by a medical doctor we need to carefully consider the source. We need to consider their career and how much they invested into it before making final judgement. It seems like the more they invest the more they fight to defend. Of course any scientist who based their career on the fact that the earth was flat would not be too agreeable to an interview about it being round.

I want to begin by saying that the sad state of medical care today is not the fault of the doctors. It is specifically the fault of a profit-based medical cartel, an industry whose sole objective is profit and control. Let get started…

“Retinal degeneration disorders have no cure. These diseases break down the retina, the layer of tissue found at the back of the eye containing cells that detect light entering the organ.” This is not true as I have demonstrated. BLIND FAITH proves that there is a method to reverse both wet and dry macular degeneration. We are not allowed to use the word “cure” in Canada so I say “reverse”.

Medical cartel stethoscope & money

Who is the medical cartel listening to again?

“Medical News Today asked an [ophthalmology consultan] with the Mayo Clinic, what the biggest obstacles were to finding a cure for retinal degeneration disorders. He told us that scientists and clinicians face many challenges in developing treatments as there are several hundred biochemical abnormalities underlying these[s] disorders.” Notice that he cleaverly switches to speaking of “treatments” not “cures”. Of course there is no money in cures and he knows it. But the medical cartel can make billions selling treatments for these “several hundred biochemical abnormalities”. That is the problem. The question could not be answered without admitting the fact that a cure is a one-time thing. Treatments can go on, and on, and on and that is where the money is. People need to wake up.

Blind woman walking

If we are told that there is no cure, that we will always be blind, it is easy to give up. I mean, our doctor said so, right? So we walk blindly through life, never knowing…

“Further,” he added, “while there are several patterns of retinal degeneration, each is treated differently depending on the cells affected as well as the stage and severity of their degeneration.” Of course this is true if you’re talking about specific treatments for specific areas of the eye. But each area is made up of cells, right? The body replaces cells every day without caring which is which. The cells know themselves what they are supposed to be. I won’t go into this at this time for reasons of space but it’s all over the science if you want to research it (google stem cells for a good place to start.) Our bodies do not “fix” or “repair” cells, they “replace” them. I go into this fully in BLIND FAITH and quote several medical specialists, most notably Dr Tennant where he says “The body doesn’t get well by making damaged cells work correctly. It gets well by making new cells that work correctly.” Beautifully spoken,

This article then goes on to mention other treatments including “gene therapy”. “Gene therapy focuses instead on correcting the biochemical abnormalities that lead to the death of retina cells. This approach is highly specific, and the [Mayo Clinic consultant] told MNT that several hundred treatments would need to be developed in order to treat the full range of retinal degenerative diseases.” There you go again. Several hundred treatments to treat one eye that has one problem. It can’t see. If left alone and given the nourishment it needs to be healthy, the body may well begin to solve the problem itself. All magical of course and a miracle.

This article then goes on to mention stem cells of which there are so many issues that I’m simply going to ignore the subject at this time. It finishes with this quote referencing the National Eye Institute. The National Eye Institute (NEI) suggest a number of simple steps that can be taken to ensure your eyes are as healthy as they can be: Wow – do not smoke, balanced diet ( they definitely did not read my book), clean hands, family history, and oh yes, get an eye exam. Sigh

The Medical Cartel Has a Decision to Make

Helping The Patient Get Well or Selling More Meds

So it comes down to this. Which is more important to a cartel – health of their “customers” or making more money. When health implies fewer customers because they’re all healthy, the choice is kinda easy.

Ophthalmology, Naturopathy & Homoeopathy

Regardless what your Ophthalmologist may tell you, macular degeneration is no longer a sentence to permanent blindness. Many Ophthalmologists are beginning to bring naturopathy and homoeopathy into their practices. The problem is that most Ophthalmologists have not yet made that decision. This means that we must do it ourselves.