Synthetic Fertilizers Abused By Factory Farms

The use of petroleum-based synthetic fertilizers & chemicals by large intensive factory farms is governed solely by greed in my opinion. Public health takes a back seat. This is difficult for me to accept as being anything but orchestrated. Anyone who disagrees with me please provide proof and I will publish it in a future post.

In the words of someone who should know: “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” These are the words of Henry Kissinger who has perhaps been responsible for millions of deaths worldwide. His words have been taken to heart by the big agri-industries. To quote Agriculture and Agri Food Canada in an article on synthetic fertilizers & chemicals: “Soil is the biologically active zone where air, water, sunlight and the earth’s crust interact. Without this incredible interaction, there would be no human life on earth. Soil provides the basis on which we build homes, cities and transportation networks. In addition to the active use of soil by humans, the world’s soils are essential in maintaining the quality of our environment. Soils store, transport and purify water. They also store and detoxify harmful waste products.” This is hard to accept coming from a government that allows synthetic NPK fertilizer to be used in the production of food.

Tractor spray fertilize field with Synthetic Fertilizers & chemicals

Tractor spray fertilize field with insecticide herbicide chemicals.

The letters N, P, and K stand for Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Sounds good. It isn’t. These are not natural minerals. They are synthetic minerals made from petroleum that help the crops grow very well but cannot be processed by animals, including humans. AND they destroy the beneficial enzymes and bacteria in healthy soil. Instead of rotating their crops and  fields ever few years like we used to, they use fake NPK fertilizer in their greed for profit.

According to HEALTH EFFECTS OF SYNTHETIC FERTILIZER: “Microbes are destroyed or inhibited in their balance when synthetics arrive. Microbes help to provide proper ph. Organic material alive with microbes is electrically charged and so there is ion action. The artificial force feeding of these three elements throw the balance of other minerals and nutrients completely off within the plant.”

Synthetic Fertilizers Equal Less Nutritious Food

In his book The Root of All Disease E. G. Heinrich writes: ”A lack of minerals can place stressful situations upon our resistance to disease. Without minerals, nothing else works. Amino acids and enzymes no longer work. Vitamins and other nutrients don’t get broken down and absorbed properly. This causes major deficiencies in both vitamins and minerals. The end result is a chain reaction of poor health where nothing works as it should… Supplementation, therefore, not only seems advisable, it is advisable!”

As I write this I am eating mostly fast-frozen vegetables grown in Ontario and Quebec. In addition to being about half the cost of so-called “fresh” produce they are more nutritious. And to my knowledge they don’t contain any, or at least not as many, of the chemicals applied for protection during shipping or to make the food “look” fresh on the store shelves. They are quick frozen the day they are picked and remain so until I take them out of the freezer to prepare them. I never have to throw any of it out because it’s “too old”. For fresh food I usually eat organic when it’s available but mostly for dips and munchies. For soups, pasta and stirfries it’s always frozen veggies that I buy by the 2K bag.