Food produced by factory farms is strictly responsible for the current state of health in most western countries. Indeed, it’s impossible for many people to find any other kind of food to buy. Some good things can be said for organic food but that is not the subject of this post and organic food in my opinion is not that much safer anyway. Factory Farmed Food is a killer. To understand the big picture, we need to go back to the mid-1900s when crop food was grown by smaller farms, usually family owned. It was a time when farming was a proud way to make a living. A time when sommerfallowing and organic fertilizers were the norm and supporting soil recovery was understood. It is a cycle of growth and each part of it was critical. Then right after World War II corporate power started taking over, chemicals and fake fertilizers became an easy way to grow and shareholders needed to be paid. Smaller farms couldn’t compete and were bought up to form larger farms. Then larger and larger.

factory Farmed Food was the reason why I got prostate cancer and macular degeneration. I reversed both of these diseases while under the care of an Oncologist and an Ophthalmologist with a food-based protocol that supplied me with all the minerals, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants that were no longer in my food. During both times I took no drugs of any kind. This is all on the record and easily proven. This is a subject that will be a part of my next book.

The Birth of Intensive Factory Farming

Tractor spraying soybean field at spring. Factory Farmed Food.

Tractor spraying soybean field in the spring.

The birth of the factory farm de facto started after World War II in North America. To quote Industrial Agriculture; “Today, the majority of American farmland is dominated by industrial agriculture—the system of chemically intensive food production developed in the decades after World War II, featuring enormous single-crop farms and animal production facilities… Back then, industrial agriculture was hailed as a technological triumph… Today, a growing chorus of agricultural experts—including farmers as well as scientists and policymakers—see industrial agriculture as a dead-end, a mistaken application to living systems of approaches better suited for making jet fighters and refrigerators… Today, a growing chorus of agricultural experts—including farmers as well as scientists and policymakers—sees industrial agriculture as a dead-end, a mistaken application to living systems of approaches better suited for making jet fighters and refrigerators.”

There Are Many Reasons To Not Eat Factory Farmed Food

FoodSelecter13 Doses.numbers-Food SelecterPH 8.5h

The amounts in the Diet column are from the USDA and are the exact amounts I get from my factory farmed food diet.

The table on the right shows exactly what I get from my diet. I eat a lot fo food, as I point out in my book BLIND FAITH. I even list the food I eat daily with amounts. In the table to the right you will see the amount of minerals and vitamins I get from that diet. Let’s analyse this table.

First, Potassium and Phosphorus are not the kind of organic minerals humans can digest. What is in the food is what is left of the fake fertilizer Nitrogen-Potassium-Phosphorus (NPK) that farms use for crop growth. It does nothing for humans or any other animal.

Second, Manganese, Selenium, protein and Vitamin A are about RDA value. The RDA for Vitamin C and Vitamin D3 is disgustingly low as any nutritionist will attest.

Third, none of these values are even close to what a normal person needs to ben healthy. Yet I read that many doctors still say that we can ger all the nutrition we need from food. That is simply not true and I challenge those doctors and anyone else to prove otherwise.

Factory Farmed Food is Nutrient Deficient

For instance, a diet of factory farmed food simply cannot provide even the recommended daily amount (RDA) of most minerals and vitamins let alone the amount required for real health. Simply put, the food we buy in our grocery stores cannot provide enough nutrition to maintain a good level of health. Period.

Factory Farmed Food Contains Deadly Chemicals, Synthetic Fertilizers, etc.

To quote How Chemical Fertilizers Are Destroying Your Body, The Soil, and Your Food: “Synthetic fertilizers are believed to infuse nutrients into soil, enabling all plants to prosper. However, synthetic fertilizers tend to replenish only nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus; while depleting the other nutrients and minerals that are naturally found in truly fertile soils. Modern farming ironically leads to nutritionally deficient foods. Most produce is also laced with chemicals; and most troubling, pesticides.” Pretty well says it all.