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I was recently sent a link to an article about a three-month trial using Saffron to treat macular degeneration. I quote a Professor from the Catholic University in Rome who is an Ophthalmologist and one of the leaders of this research: “We should consider that it was only three months of supplementation and after three months of supplementation there was an objective improvement of one line visual acuity and about a doubling of the amplitude of the sides of photo-receptor response.”

This is a great result but far from earthshaking. A simple Google search for ‘Saffron studies for macular degeneration’ provides countless more. For instance here, here, here and here out of thousands. This news is not new.

Saffron is important but it’s only part of the answer. I included Saffron in my first Protocol and still do. But it’s only a small part of my Protocol. I mentioned this in a free downloadable report two years ago and recently in a Kindle book available world-wide on Amazon titled BLIND FAITH.

Three months is, coincidentally, exactly the time it took me to recover my sight and gain not one but eight lines of visual acuity.

The Details Are In BLIND FAITH

The success of my first Protocol, where I recovered my sight, is the subject of a full chapter in my book. It’s too long to list in full here but following is a brief list of what’s covered:

  1. Names of my Ophthalmologist and Naturopathic Doctor.
  2. List of the science and the researchers I used with links.
  3. Methods used.
  4. Brief details of my Protocol.
  5. List of all visits with my Ophthalmologist and Optician with dates and test results during the use of my Protocol.
  6. Results after eleven weeks.
  7. Personal Observations.
  8. Personal Conclusion.
  9. Summary.
Corresponding Visual Acuities in Research Resu,ts

From the Journal of Refractory Surgery, Volume 13, July-August 1997

Reference for Measuring Visual Acuity

This document titled Proper Method for Calculating Average Visual Acuity is a very good read and points out the significance of “one line visual acuity”. It is not that much and often not even noticeable to a person with serious macular degeneration.


To sum up I see no need for further research if it’s not going to be used. Much of the research has already been done. What we need is action. It’s also time for the medical profession to research the results of my Protocol, which uses several natural therapies in addition to Saffron. It’s a team game and Ophthalmologists need to get in the game. BLIND FAITH lays it all out and every Ophthalmologist needs to read it.