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The Real Secret of Factory Farmed Food

Food produced by factory farms is strictly responsible for the current state of health in most western countries. Indeed, it’s impossible for many people to find any other kind of food to buy. Some good things can be said for organic food but that is not the subject of this post and organic food in my opinion is not that much safer anyway. Factory Farmed Food is a killer.

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Many iPhone Vision Test Apps But Are They Any Good?

I recently did a search for vision test apps on the Mac App Store. After all, “there’s an app for everything”, right? If you can believe it I counted 144. I decided to hit google and read up on them because this was all new to me. I hadn’t even thought of a vision test app […]

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Soil Mineral Depletion – Can a healthy diet be sufficient?

Minerals are as essential to health as our need for oxygen. Due to soil mineral depletion our food is dangerously deficient in them. What can we do?

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Warning of a Link Between Poor Nutrition and Eye Disease

In a recent article about a link between poor nutrition and vision disease the writer fails completely to address how the body heals itself and what we need to do to support that critical process. While I do agree with much of what they say they don’t go far enough in my opinion. I believe that this is the basic problem in the area of health care today. There seems little interest in the overall health of the body and too much concentration on individual diseases.

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Cellular Oxygen & Body pH

I’ve had several conversations recently with people who are using my protocol and find that most of them did not understand two important areas, cellular oxygen and body pH. These are critical so I decided to write this short post and quickly lay it out. Cellular oxygen deficiency and low body pH contributed to my getting macular […]

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