After I had reversed the initial diagnosis of permanent blindness and regained my sight, my Ophthalmologist performed a Fluorescein Angiography scan (with dye) that confirmed complete reversal of wet macular degeneration. This is on-the-record confirmation that a nutrition-based diet works where anti-VEGF inhibitor drug injections failed completely.

BLIND FAITH shows how to reverse wet macular degeneration

The fourth edition of BLIND FAITH available soon.

Let’s review this story. This is the final phase of my fight to regain my sight that began in November 2011 with a diagnosis of wet macular degeneration. Only three months later I was already blind in one eye and the disease had started in the other eye. It was fast-moving. After nineteen months of anti-VEGF inhibitor drug injections (which didn’t help as far as I could see), I had finally completed my research into macular degeneration and developed a food-based Protocol to treat it. I asked my Ophthalmologist to stop the injections so that I could begin my Protocol. He agreed. Thirteen weeks later I had reversed my vision loss from worse than 20/400 blindness to 20/80 vision. A few months later my Ophthalmologist tested me at 20/40.

Today as I write this I can say that I’m relieved and happy to know that my Protocol has finally been scientifically verified. I now know for sure that if I take care of my body, it will take care of me.

Why Did My Protocol Work When anti-VEGF Drug Injections Failed?

There is a reason why the medical profession says there is no cure. That reason is money. Tell someone who has just been diagnosed with macular degeneration that he will never see again, that there is no cure but there is a treatment designed to stop the progression, and you have created a money machine. This is not the fault of the doctors. The fault lies with the medical industry which consists of corporations whose first duty is to show a profit for their shareholders. They are not interested in natural nutritional remedies. With them it’s all about the money.

You can read all about this and much more in the new edition of BLIND FAITH. It includes the complete protocol discussed in this post. Please watch this space for details.