The Damning State of Western Medical Care

Comparing VEGF inhibitor injections with the Crittenden Protocol for reversing macular degeneration illustrates the sad state of medical care in western medicine. The results are damning from any perspective. This post takes a critical look at the published 52 week test results of three VEGF inhibitor drugs that are injected into our eyes to treat wet macular degeneration and compares those results with the results I gained in not fifty-two weeks, but eleven weeks.

I’m not upset with the pharmaceutical companies. They have shareholders who want a decent return on their investment. And the costs of development can be expensive. But I am upset with the fact that our news media lets them get away with it. I also find it disgusting that western universities turn out medical doctors who are trained mainly to diagnose all disease individually and provide expensive drugs to treat each of them.

I am going to speak from personal experience and existing science. I will provide the evidence of my Protocol and quote the scientific test results for the main VEGF inhibitor drugs. The comparison is damning for these drugs.

BLIND FAITH, Whole Body Health

This information is fully covered in the second edition of BLIND FAITH

To set the stage here is a quote from BLIND FAITH: “The objective of my Protocol was, and is, to establish whole body health that supports the body’s amazing ability to repair itself.” My Protocol accomplishes this with a specific and powerful whole food protocol combined with three vitamins and one mineral that are deficient in the factory-farmed food most of us eat.

There are three VEGF inhibitor injections that I will discuss here. To quote eyeSmart: “Avastin, at approximately $50 per average treatment, is significantly less expensive for the patient than the alternatives (~$1,800 for Eylea and ~$2,000 for Lucentis). Eylea’s and Lucentis’ significantly higher price tags reflect the costly process of FDA approval for their intended use. Apr 20, 2015”

My Ophthalmologist recommended the newest drug, EYLEA and used it for two injections over two months. The company, Bayer HealthCare, then called me twice and tried to convince me to take the drug. They even offered to finance the costs. I would have to pay but they would finance it until, I assume, BC Pharamacare covered it. I of course refused.

The Comparisons

In a recent interview I was asked the question: “How much vision have you gained to date and how does it compare with VEGF inhibitor injections by your Ophthalmologist?” As an answer I compared my results with the three VEGF inhibitor injections I was offered by my Ophthalmologist.

Avastin – 9.7 letters gained (in 52 weeks)
Lucentis – 11.2 letters gained (in 52 weeks)
Eylea – 13.3 letters gained (in 52 weeks)
Crittenden Protocol – 35 letters gained (in 11 weeks)

In my opinion our medical industry is not at all concerned with the health of their patients. Their main objective appears to be to sell drugs. In my opinion they are, plain and simple, legalized drug pushers. This experience reinforces my decision that we have to take care of ourselves. Our medical doctors simple are not trained to do this and the medical profession seems bent on one thing, making as much profit for the medical industry as they can.